Haiku Learning and Using Their Assessments

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I am starting the process of setting up modules in Haiku.  I am planning to create courses for school counselors and I set out to create my first assessment.  Haiku offers multiple ways to create assessments in their CMS platform.  You have the following options to choose from:

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For my first assessment, I needed to gather information from my students that would drive my course.  I took questions from the ASCA School Counseling Program AssessmentSchool counselors audit their school counseling program annually with this assessment.  To get a glimpse of where my students are in their school counseling program I created 11 questions.

I choose to use the Multiple Choice option in Haiku.  I wanted to gather the data into one place and thought that this would give me an overview of where the students were in their own program.  I would use this data to drive instruction.  What would I need to add or what did they already know that I didn’t need to create in the modules.

I found that the Multiple Choice option did not offer the flexibility I would like to have in my assessment.  With my assessment there is no right or wrong answer.  Haiku forced me to have an answer.  I did play around a little more and found you could mix questions such as asking multiple choice and short answer.  With what I need for this first assessment I probably would not use Haiku’s built in assessments.  I would import my own assessment possibly through Google Forms to get the flexibility I need.

Here is a look at my first assessment in Haiku:


2 thoughts on “Haiku Learning and Using Their Assessments

  1. Hello Christina,

    First, I have to say I think it is interesting that the assessment you create will drive instruction in counseling. When I think of the design of instruction I typically think in terms of the traditional classroom setting. It was nice to hear your explanation from the counseling vantage. We often, take the “back into the answer” where assessment and design intersect in most educational arenas.

    With that said, I wonder if a survey type approach is warranted here, I understand that the Haiku CMS did not allow the flexibility you were looking for and I agree with that completely. The multiple-choice did not allow for the “one off” explanations that are you were looking for. The “Short answer – Essay” might be a viable option to explore. The reason I point this out is due to the reading from this week where Nicol, D., & Macfarlane-Dick, D. make the connection between formative assessment and feedback from the conceptual model that states; not only do students self-regulate their performance they also do so with the end goal in mind to include the strategy to achieve the goal.

    With the adult learners we connect with I believe this is key to active participation. If the survey and assessment are closely linked the participants will have a vested interested in the goal and strategy which is ultimately what we are looking for. Of course, if after you try out the “short answer – Essay” (if you choose to do so) and it is still not what you are looking for; I love Google forms and think this would be a viable option for your CMS.

    I hope this has been helpful and good luck with the remainder of this project!



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