Reflection: Lessons Learned in CEP 813

CEP 813 has been vital in reconnecting me to my professional goals.  I consider myself on “PAUSE” as I stay-at-home with my kids until next year.  I have tried to keep connected through professional development, consulting, and my professional memberships.  It is a fine balance.

CEP 813 has given me a way to connect with my professional learning network through Twitter. I have created a digital portfolio with pieces of my work and resume.  I feel confident in creating lesson plans through UbD.   I now have a deeper understanding of assessments and how powerful they are for learning.  I feel confident meshing technology with my profession.  I loved using and learning about the latest technology in education. Lastly, I see that being a part of what your children love can connect you even more, such as with my son, and learning Minecraft.

My best work in CEP 813 has been creating a module for school counselors called Formative Assessment Design Creation 3.0.  In this assignment, I was able to put together a unit on Results Reports.  After it was assessed the first time I had a deeper understanding of how to create an assessment that would really show me if students understood.  The second assessment, that was done through video, helped me to refocus on the importance of feedback.   I felt that the greatest feedback was through audio and video.  I also learned that asking your student in a question format helps them to discover the answer instead of giving them the answer.  Assessment never ends…you keep improving based on students feedback and then adjust your instruction. Nothing is ever final.

So to end, I can NEVER look at assessments, instruction, and learning the same ever again!  This has truly been an exceptional class and experience. Thank you!



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