Increase the number of Michigan RAMP schools

I would like to increase the number of school counseling programs in Michigan that are accredited as a data-driven RAMP school.  Currently, Michigan has 4 schools that are RAMP accredited.  There are 4,126 public schools in Michigan- 2,158 elementary, 659 middle school, and 687 high schools.  RAMP is given to a program, not an individual counselor.  So any elementary, middle, or high school can become a RAMP program.

The top 5 RAMP states are:
North Carolina-56

I want to research how these states are supporting their school counselors to reach RAMP.  How come more are coming from these states?  Why is Michigan so low?  What will be the best professional development to guide them towards RAMP?  What is hindering school counselors from following a comprehensive school counseling program?

So my idea is to create the foundation by having school counselors develop a data-driven comprehensive counseling program through an online professional development course.  There are 12 components to the RAMP application.  I was going to take some of these areas to drive the course.

I did develop a college level module in CEP 813 but instead I am going to model it after the ASCA professional development courses.  I would like to take one of their courses simultaneously while I am developing my course.  This idea came when reading our Bootleg Bootcamp readings.  The question was “How would McDonalds do it?”  Then I asked “How would ASCA do it?”

I feel like I am a personal trainer motivating school counselors to see the benefits of developing a comprehensive school counseling program.  It is hard work but in the end it is worth the effort!


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