School Counseling App-Ideate Mode

Part 1-Keep an Incubation Journal

During the development of my Problem of Practice I was able to keep a journal.  Take a look at my hand written notes by clicking on the journal below: (created by emaze)

Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 4.48.06 PM

Part 2-Brainstorm Session

In this session, I wanted to try to use the imagination of children.  This was an experiment to see if they could come up with fresh, new ideas.  Sir Ken Robinson had said that 98% of kindergarteners have excellent divergent thinking skills and by the time we are adults it is at 2%. In the d. Schools Bootcamp Bootleg document a method used is called Assume a Beginner’s Mindset.  Basically, you put aside all biases to design with fresh eyes.

So I tried a brainstorm session with my 4-year old daughter and 7-year old son.  I put it into the context of first brainstorm “What is hard to do?”  and then I wanted them to brainstorm “How might we make it easier?”  I had them brainstorm in this way because my idea is to make the job of a school counselor easier.  So I wanted to see if any ideas could come when they made their own life easier.


Part 3- Reflection

I can clearly see through my journal writings how I slowly developed a clear solution to my Problem of Practice.  I had come up with all different solutions and thought that I had found the answer with a physical counseling center. In Chapter 5: Connecting the Unconnected I came up with this idea after doing the Random Words and Objects technique.  The physical counseling center was great but taking it to the cyber world made it better.  I see in my notes that it came to me when I did the The Dreamer, the Realist, and the Critic technique.  I had all of the pieces right in front of me and then that activity provided the Advisory Hour through Twitter chat.  This lead to me to put the counseling center into a school counseling app.  My idea kept developing as I followed a #sharktankedu chat, through the group discussion board, and through a parent and a principal informal brainstorm.

By nature I am a thinker and have been able to ideate using many different techniques. When I first had to create lesson plans, I had a 45-minute commute to work.  This time in the car provided many creative lessons and ideas. Also, I have learned to keep a journal by my bedside because my mind comes up with ideas right before I fall asleep.

What I have learned through Module 4 is that I can not just stop with what I think is a great idea.  I need to push my mind to go outside of the boundaries.  To try different techniques that could lead to the best possible solution.

My brainstorm experiment with my children did not result in any break through ideas.  I think that putting the same age group together might work better because there was a lot of fighting.  (This was my only rule, “Do not make fun of each others ideas”)  A big brother can not help but to tell his little sister she is doing it wrong.  I know that brainstorming can work because at work we have come up with great ideas.

Going forward, I would like to find out if my idea is worthy through the prototype phase.  Then I would like to have a final product that I could propose to an edtech company for development.

This has definitely been a journey worth taking!



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