Lab 5-Prototype

For Lab 5, we were asked to create a prototype based on a big idea.  I chose to create a prototype based on “Your View of Learning.”  At first, I was unsure of how to represent a big idea into a physical prototype.  I then thought to do a brainstorming session to see if something would come into the physical world.  As I wrote out my thoughts a tree came to represent my view of learning.

prototype learning

View of Learning Prototype

  •  watering can=knowledge, skills, lessons
  • soil=passion
  • trunk and branches=learning
  • leaves=lifelong

Brainstorming Notes

By formulating my thoughts on learning the word growth came into my notes.  This created the idea of a tree.  I was then able to represent my views of learning into the different parts of a tree.  Creating a physical form I found items around my home to represent my idea.

I learned through this process that taking skills from the d. Bootcamp Bootleg model you can take a concept and create!


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