School Counseling App-Prototype

SC centerMy Problem of Practice has been to find a better way to define the role of the school counselor. How can we strengthen our profession so that we have not broadened it to the point of saturation? Can we do it all and be effective?

Norm Gysbers, who developed the ASCA National Model, was asked in an interview, “How do we leverage technology?”  He said he would leave it to the younger people to figure out.  Gysbers also said that we need to reach students through technology because that is where they are right now.

I envison using technology through a school counselor app. The app will display all that a counselor offers in a comprehensive program to reach students.

I created a prototype of a school counselor(SC) app called SC Center. The app displays your program all in one place.  My goal is to provide an app with an open, visible, inviting, and anchored center where students, parents, and school counselors gather.

The SC Center app would be linked to the current schools programs. (grading, scheduling, transcripts)  School counselors can choose the different components and control the dashboard with easy drag and drop features.  The students and parents would use the app to access websites for college, career, academic, social/emotional wellness, and all school-wide needs.

The app will have voice and keyboard search features.  A scroll bar for selection of a specific school is on the homepage.

Take a look at the prototype in this video to see how this app could work:

Click on the app below to see how it works for yourself:

School Counseling App Prototype

School Counseling App Prototype

Development of Prototype:

powerpoint iconRound 1: My first prototype I created in PowerPoint.  When I tried to share it with my group I ran into problems.  It wouldn’t work and Google Slideshare mangled it up!

fieldtest iconRound 2: Once I found out I couldn’t share it, I found a tool called FieldTest.  This website let’s you create one free prototype of your app.  So I was able to create my second prototype:


Second Prototype using Fieldtest

What I found was that I couldn’t link outside websites to fully show what my app would feel like.  I also discovered that I needed to figure out how to make one generic app that could be customized to each school.

conceptly iconRound 3: Then I created a third prototype using a tool called  I solved how to customize each school by creating a scroll bar on the homepage.  Also, this tool allowed me to link the websites to my prototype.

Third prototype using

Third prototype using

If you have suggestions, feedback, or comments, I would love to hear from you!



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