Test Mode of a School Counselor App

Would you like for your students, parents, principal, staff, and community to know what you do as a school counselor? When your job is not understood a lot of misconceptions can occur and result in added duties. Or maybe you have a comprehensive program in place but don’t know how to show everyone.

I wanted to create an app that would put your program all into one place.  The SC Center app allows you to showcase your school counseling program and at the same time make it more efficient through technology.

Even if you are just beginning to follow a comprehensive program or already have one in place this app connects you to your students, parents, and even your community.

Here is a video explaining how it works!

Here are 2 versions of the prototype to explore on your own:

Elementary Version:

SC page2

Elementary Example (1 counselor)

High School Version:

High School Example (4 counselors)

High School Example (4 counselors)

After testing  the SC Center app please fill out the short survey below:

Thank you for your feedback!  For your valuable time I would like to send you either a RAMP Packet of helpful tips or a College Packet of resources.  Please email me with a request and I will send you a packet! christinalindbergllc@gmail.com



Rex, Marissa. http://www.elementaryschoolcounseling.org/


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