How to TEST your Prototype in 6 Easy Steps

I created a short video to take you through the steps of how I tested a school counseling app prototype.

My Problem of Practice was to find a way to better define the role of a school counselor.  To help students, parents, the principal, and community understand their extensive role, I created an app.

For my test, I created an elementary version app to test on students from an elementary school. I then had a script and did one-on-one interviews.

For school counselors, I created a blog post with a video explaining the app and 2 versions for the school counselor to explore.  Then I embedded a Google survey.  I also offered a free packet of resources for filling out the survey.  I sent this out to my Twitter PLN groups and a professional discussion board.

I collected the feedback and put my results into a report.  You can find the report here.

Click below to view the video “How to TEST your Prototype in 6 Easy Steps”:

I hope I could give you some ideas for your TEST mode!



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