First Seven Jobs: A School Counselor Opportunity

The Twitter #firstsevenjobs is trending this week.  It is so interesting to see the road others took to their career. Wouldn’t this also be interesting to your students? You could show celebrities #firstsevenjobs to start a career lesson!

SC First Seven Jobs1

Or ask your staff for their first seven jobs. Ironically, we did something similar to kick off our junior career and college lesson.

We played a kind of guessing game to see who did these jobs before arriving at their current job. We would reveal the first job….guess who?

SC First Seven Jobs

Then slowly show each job. Until the staff member was revealed!

SC First Seven Jobs2

Surprise, it’s your principal!  We picked 3 brave staff members for this opening activity.

SC First Seven Jobs3

SC First Seven Jobs4

The students really connected with this opening activity and were able to see the many diverse paths you can take before arriving in a career.  Here is the entire presentation:

Junior Presentation 2009-2010

And here is a link to where you can find the Junior Packet.

What are some other ways you can use #firstsevenjobs in your school counseling program?




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