Test Report: School Counselor App

School Counseling App Home pageMy Problem of Practice has been to find a better way to define the role of the school counselor. How can school counselors strengthen their profession so that it has not been broadened to the point of saturation? Can they do all they are required to do in a comprehensive program and still be effective?

I created a prototype of a school counselor app in concept.ly.  For my test, I had 3 users to test.  School counselors who control the app and then students and parents who would use the app. Continue reading


Test Mode of a School Counselor App

Would you like for your students, parents, principal, staff, and community to know what you do as a school counselor? When your job is not understood a lot of misconceptions can occur and result in added duties. Or maybe you have a comprehensive program in place but don’t know how to show everyone.

I wanted to create an app that would put your program all into one place.  The SC Center app allows you to showcase your school counseling program and at the same time make it more efficient through technology.

Even if you are just beginning to follow a comprehensive program or already have one in place this app connects you to your students, parents, and even your community. Continue reading

School Counseling App-Prototype

SC centerMy Problem of Practice has been to find a better way to define the role of the school counselor. How can we strengthen our profession so that we have not broadened it to the point of saturation? Can we do it all and be effective?

Norm Gysbers, who developed the ASCA National Model, was asked in an interview, “How do we leverage technology?”  He said he would leave it to the younger people to figure out.  Gysbers also said that we need to reach students through technology because that is where they are right now.

I envison using technology through a school counselor app. The app will display all that a counselor offers in a comprehensive program to reach students. Continue reading

Lab 5-Prototype

For Lab 5, we were asked to create a prototype based on a big idea.  I chose to create a prototype based on “Your View of Learning.”  At first, I was unsure of how to represent a big idea into a physical prototype.  I then thought to do a brainstorming session to see if something would come into the physical world.  As I wrote out my thoughts a tree came to represent my view of learning.

prototype learning

View of Learning Prototype

Continue reading

My Story: The Unspoken Divide

ChurchNow that I have been able to identify the “Unspoken Divide”,  I want to share with you what side I identify with and practiced as a school counselor.

I really didn’t realize that I had identified with a side until I found this divide in my empathy research on school counselors.  I was able to reflect on my deep-rooted beliefs and found that I had identified with the College/Career Model. Continue reading