Professional Showcase

RAMP Award

In 2011, our school counseling program was the first in Michigan to receive the RAMP award!  Here is a video clip of LHS counselors being recognized at the school board meeting by our principal:

And here is our RAMP Program Evaluation Reflection video.  We explain how our comprehensive school counseling program uses leadership, advocacy, and collaboration to create systemic change for the benefit of students.

And in the news:


“Coffee Talk” with your Lakeland Counselors on HVS-TV

In 2009, we created a TV show for our stakeholders to discuss information pertaining to students for parents.  I was able to be a part of Episodes 1-10 (2009-2011).  Here is Episode 5 where we discuss college planning:

Screen Shot 2014-10-09 at 2.28.55 PM

Episode 5 (YouTube)

Excellence in Education Award

In 2010, I nominated Leanna Wende for her extraordinary story that she allowed me to submit for this award.

The Oakland Press. April 22, 2010

The Oakland Press. April 22, 2010

Junior-Year Planning Guide

In 2009, I created this packet after taking the course, “Counseling in the College Selection Process”.  We had a Senior Packet that I also was able to update based on this course.  Also, inspired from this course was bringing digital transcripts through ConnectEDU.  We were one of the first counseling departments to do online transcripts which is now standard!

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.16.33 AM

Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 11.19.26 AMFreshman Focus Group

This group I originally ran in my counseling internship (2004-2005 school year).  It was a study skills group for at-risk students.  I was able to bring it to Lakeland High School and over the years develop it into the program it is today.  After Trish Hatch’s workshop in 2008, we created our first data-driven Action Plan.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 8.54.14 AMMinecraft Edu for At-Risk Students

I was asked in my MSU graduate course, CEP 813, to learn Minecraft Edu and create a lesson for students.  I created a lesson that could be used in a small group for at-risk high school students. Here are the 2 blog posts exploring these ideas:

Minecraftedu: For at-risk students?

Classroom Ideas for Minecraft

Broadcast News

I started The Milford Broadcast Channel (MBC) in January, 2005 at Milford High School.  I always loved watching our video announcements in high school and wanted to bring that same experience to Milford!  The Broadcast News class was set up into 2 teams.  Each team put together the announcements each day and went live at the end of 2nd hour. On their day off, they were editing and putting together stories.  Here is a newscast from April 6, 2006:

A student, Jamie Roemer, wrote this article about the class:

MHS announcements

By Jamie Roemer, Milford Times, March 17, 2005

Student Activities Director

I was Student Activities Director for four years at Milford High School (2002-2006).  It was extremely rewarding.  I really connected with students and loved creating in this leadership role.  Each semester I put together a highlight of our time together, here is a highlight of my first semester:

A student, Shantel Pryzbyo,  wrote this article about my role at Milford High School:

Student Activities Director.001

By Shantel Pryzbyo, November 2003, “The Messenger” school newspaper


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