Creating an Assessment in Haiku Learning: Take Two

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I created my first assessment in Haiku Learning a couple of weeks ago.  Here is the blog post, “Haiku Learning and Using Their Assessment”.  After receiving peer feedback, I was able to go back and update my assessment.  I first had created a multiple choice assessment because I was thinking of getting a quick snapshot of my online learners.  This data would then help me to drive the course.  I would be able to provide more teaching to areas that were deficient and not bore them with the proficient areas. Continue reading


Digital Portfolio as a Sandbox for Growth

My professional growth through this blog has been extraordinary!  When I started this blog and the CEP 813 course in September, I would have rated myself at a novice level on assessments.  It is actually pretty embarrassing when I think back to the level I was at after 16 years in education.  I thought to myself…”How did I miss this in my college training?”  Maybe we used different terms?  Formative Assessment would be my “Check for Understanding” in the lesson plan.  Summative Assessment would be the end of the unit exam or the final exam.  Now the depth of my knowledge of how to use assessment in teaching is at proficient.

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 2.21.13 PM Continue reading

Haiku Learning and Using Their Assessments

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I am starting the process of setting up modules in Haiku.  I am planning to create courses for school counselors and I set out to create my first assessment.  Haiku offers multiple ways to create assessments in their CMS platform.  You have the following options to choose from:

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For my first assessment, I needed to gather information from my students that would drive my course.  I took questions from the ASCA School Counseling Program AssessmentContinue reading