Final Report: School Counselor App

Mobile App Design:

Here are 2 versions of the mobile app:

Elementary Version:

SC page2

High School Version:

High School Example (4 counselors)

Problem of Practice:

The American School Counselor Association recommends that school counselors have a caseload of 250 students. Currently, school counselors average over 400 students and in California most school counselors have 1000 students.

The services a school counselor provides is not clearly understood by stakeholders.  A lot of misconceptions can occur and result in added duties or higher caseloads. As a result, counselors are not being utilized in the most effective way to benefit all students.


A mobile app that would put a school counseling program all into one place to showcase the extraordinary services available to stakeholders .


  • Creates easy access for more efficient communication between students, parents, staff, and stakeholders.
  • Improves productivity by streamlining tasks and reducing time spent on redundant tasks.
  • Organizes information visually for easier interpretation and access between counselor and student or parents.

The Design Thinking Process

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School Counselors: The Unspoken Divide

BattleI have been researching school counselors through the Standford Design Model.  I have been looking at the dynamics involved into why some school counselors follow the ASCA National Model and why some do not. Digging deep into this research I found an unspoken divide:

College/Career Model vs. Mental Health Model

You may not even know that you probably identify with one model more than the other (or your school community does). Continue reading