Lab Module 3: Sniglets and Reframing

Part 1: Seeing and Defining Something: Sniglets

Screenout /skreen/out/- n. Any electrical monitor that has been glared by the sun or a light source.

Genesmack /jeen/smak/- n. When your child is doing something annoying and you realize that you used to do the same thing as a child.

Windabstainer /wahynd/ab/stey/ner/- n. When daylight savings occurs and you don’t bother to change the clock.

Part 2: What’s the Problem Really? Reconsidering and Reframing


My parenting technique with my daughter was not working.  She is strong-willed and stubborn. She is 4-years old.  This has been the case since the age of two.  I remember when I tried using the choice technique……  “Would you rather take your bath now or after dinner?”  She would reply, “I want to take my bath tomorrow.”   There were many battles but the one I will always remember is the tantrum at Target. Continue reading